BlueOne - ​The Beach Challenge

 Horseneck Beach, Westport, MA (Hoping to return in 2017)

An additional contribution will be made on behalf of BlueOne - the Beach Challenge

to the Conservation Trust and Urban Parks Trust Fund.

BlueOne-the Beach Challenge is a fitness competition that pays tribute to those brave men and women who have watched over the water for more than 50 years at Horseneck Beach and at Beaches throughout the USA.


 Slightly shorter than a combined 10k, BlueOne will expose you to a variety of race terrain, as will be explained below.

 There is a water component nearing the end of the race - it involves running in and out of the breaking surf - there is no swimming required.

 In addition there will be plenty of professional Lifeguards on hand for participant safety!

What you Can Expect:

 You will race on pavement, trail, soft sand and a two grueling expanses of Hurricane and Winter Weather deposited gravel.

 After approximately 4 miles of fighting through the natural obstacles the reservation has thrown at you, it is time to hit the beach!

After a 400 yard soft sand sprint, you will hit the 1st Fitness Challenge followed by 5 Lifeguard Stations.

Each of these stations will have a specific task for you to complete - "Commandos" - Interval Training and Surf Rescue Exercises!

These Lifeguard Stations will present a unique challenge, a chance for you to experience and test yourself against the surf.

There will be buoys placed ~50 yards into the surf where the waves will be breaking, your challenge will be to race in and round each buoy making your way out of the surf, back to the Lifeguard Station where the next - "Commando" activity will be introduced.

Your last station will send you toward the finish where you will ring your Victory Bell and celebrate with your fellow BlueOne Champions! - those competitors that are 21 years of age or older can enjoy a COLD BEER at the Post Race party, Positive I.D. REQUIRED!

What to expect at each Station! In addition to the shallow sprint in and out of the surf, rounding a stationary buoy! 

1. Completing the surf sprint - ~400 yard weighted sand bucket carry.

2. 15 Burpees (Surf Sprint) followed by 20 lunges each leg.

3. 25 push-ups (Surf Sprint) followed by 25 Crunches. - BEAR CRAWL TO NEXT Lifeguard Stand!

4. Released from the Bear Crawl (Surf Sprint) followed by 15 Burpees.

5. 25 Leg Lifts (Surf Sprint) 25 Body Squats.

6. 25 Push-ups (Surf Sprint) 25 Sit-ups (touch your toes!)

Then it is a Soft Sand Sprint to the Finish! Here you will ring the Victory Bell and join your fellow challengers at the Post Race Festivities!!!!

Come take on the challenge individually or

Put together a team of 6 or more Challengers and earn VIP TEAM STATUS!

A portion of all proceeds will be used to benefit the American Red Cross and the United States Lifesaving Association.